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Becoming a participant at the GSIF planning meeting

  1. The GSIF Planning Meetings are for attendance by carriers either operating GSIF networks or about to introduce GSIF signalling, no manufactures are permitted to attend the plenary or bilateral discussion meetings. For a carrier wishing to register interest in attending for the first time at a particular GSIF Planning Meeting, they should contact either the host for that meeting directly or via one of the participating carriers.

  2. The meetings are held twice yearly provided a host can be found and an invite will be made by the new host to those that have attended the previous meeting or expressed an interest to attend a particular meeting. There is no obligation to attend each meeting and once website access is provided the report, contribution papers and information Forms for each meeting will be available to all. This enables easier travel arrangements and authorisation to be obtained. Some carriers may indeed wish to withdraw or limit their participation when for example they have introduced their signalling networks.

  3. Becoming a participant carrier also allows the opportunity to be a host for a future meeting with the attendant raise in world profile that this can give. A number of schemes are available to reduce the cost of holding the meeting for a future host. Some schemes have already been used to good effect by earlier hosts and such information would be available thorough the GSIF Steering Committee which meets at the beginning and end of each GSIF Planning meeting.

  4. Schemes identified and used are:

    • Co-hosting with one or more carriers

    • Per carrier/ delegate to cover meeting costs

    • Sponsor for external events( e.g. meals, etc), this may be a manufacturer

    • Meeting cost reflected in hotel bills

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